JANUARY 13-15, 2017 // BLUSH BY HAYLEY PAIGE // Spring 2017

The Designer: Hayley Paige

Designed by Hayley Paige, the Blush bridal collection is characterized by casual elegance and femininity. Soft tulle, cotton lace, and blush tones create a feel of whimsy and romance within each design.  SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

FEBRUARY 17-19, 2017 // CHRISTOS BRIDAL // Fall 2017 Collection


The Designer: Amsale Aberra

CHRISTOS was established in 1984 by Cyprus-born designer Christos Yiannakou. Retiring in 2005, Yiannakou personally invited Amsale to take over as creative director, Amsale has upheld the CHRISTOS  legacy for tradition while infusing a touch of her own modern sensibility. Amsale sees CHRISTOS as a natural extension of her own collection, as both are rooted in classic timelessness. A romantic at heart, she reveres CHRISTOS as a venue for her more traditional side. In opposition to the modern aesthetic that defines the AMSALE collection, CHRISTOS evokes a feeling of natural beauty, and romance.

The CHRISTOS collection is the perfect blend of modern and vintage couture detail evoking beauty and purity with a romantic tone. Continuing the devotion to intricate detailing, the collection features hand beaded belts, refined lace hems and hand crafted silk flowers, while feather-like layers of tulle, silk and lace create fluid and airy silhouettes. CHRISTOS designs are especially known for their use of Alençon lace, or point d’Alençon, a type of needle lace created in the French town Alençon, a small town in Normandy, that began manufacturing lace in the sixteenth century. This same lace is used today to create CHRISTOS classic romantic designs.  SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2017 // ALVINA VALENTA // Spring 2017

The Designer: Jessica Williams

Designed by bridal gown designer Jessica Williams and hand-crafted and manufactured in New York City.  Alvina Valenta debuted its Spring 2017 collection on the runway during New York Bridal Fashion Week. SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

MARCH 24-26, 2017 // HAYLEY PAIGE //  Spring 2017 Collection

The Designer: Hayley Paige

The Details: Pastels, sparkling accents and gauzy fabrics make up the fairytale pieces that are Hayley Paige's Fall/Winter 2017 collection. In other words, it is quite literally the stuff of dreams.

The Looks: Obviously, we have to mention the show-stopping lavender wedding dress with silver inspirations curling around the bodice and skirt (be right back, picking our jaws up off the floor). And what about the mirrored bodices? Juxtaposed against filmy full skirts, they're total perfection. Illusion sleeves with stars shimmering on the filmy overlay have us dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding. (Quoted by the Knot.com). SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

MARCH 31 - April 1, 2017 // AMSALE  //  Fall 2017 Collection

The Designer: Amsale Aberra

Amsale Aberra’s career as a couture bridal and eveningwear designer began in a very personal way, when she couldn’t find a simple, refined gown to wear on her wedding day in 1985. “Everything was so overdone and overly adorned,” she recollects. Inspired to create elegant and understated dresses for women like her, Amsale began custom-making wedding gowns in her New York City loft that fused pure, archetypal silhouettes with couture craftsmanship and sumptuous textiles. Today, the Ethiopian-born Amsale is a leading designer in the world of luxury bridal gowns, and her design signatures are instantly recognizable. Crafted in New York City, where Amsale is committed to supporting high-end bridal manufacturing, the Amsale name (pronounced Ahm-sah’-leh) has become synonymous with exquisite simplicity and luxurious restraint. Says Amsale, “I want a bride to be thrilled with her wedding-day look for years to come, because her dress has a timeless beauty that reflects her true essence.” 



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